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Olive Leaf Tea

What is Premium Olive Leaf Tea Good for, you might ask? The answer is “plenty”! For starters, it taste similar to green tea with 10X the antioxidants! Plus anti inflammatory and mood boosting qualities just to name a few!

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Boosts Immunity to fight the flu and viruses

Lowers LDL and Blood Sugar 

Eases Arthritic Pain

Aids weight loss


Reduces Inflammation

Our Premium Olive Leaf Tea is 100% Organic Sourced from Greece

Sourced from a small olive grove in Kalamata, Greece. It has a naturally sweet flavor profile so no sugar is required to enjoy it.

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Customer Reviews

I couldn't be more happy with this tea! This tea has keep me well for over 3 years now. If you don't know much about the benefits of olive leaf tea look up olive leaf extract and you to will want it!
- Susan Garcia

Customer Reviews

You want go wrong with this tea. I drink it for many reasons helps keep me well. I haven't gotten sick in over 2 years. It helps with my fibromyalgia pain greatly. The best thing ever. I absolutely recommend Spans Olive Leaf Tea.
- Kayla Hill

Customer Reviews

Perfect tea for getting olive leaf in your body at the cellular level, through the gut. Great light taste, and you have a cure all for gut aches, constipation, and any throat ailment.
- Nathan Jeffery

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